Decker Associates


If you own a rental property, whether you just purchased or have owned the property for some time, you may need a clearer picture of what you can actually charge for rent. For example, if your vacancy rates are plummeting, you may have an opportunity to charge more for rent. The question then becomes, what number will the market bear. If you're a property owner that has been trying to sell, but the market isn't able to support the price you need for your property, then renting may be the best option for the time.

Decker Associates provides property owners with rental value surveys of local market conditions that allow you to determine the best rental values. With a survey, we will share with you what we believe you can rent your property for, so you don't have to make that determination on your own.

The in-depth discovery process of a rental values survey includes accessing proximate market information and surveying surrounding tenants. In surveying surrounding tenants for an apartment complex, we will take the time to knock on the doors of other neighboring complexes, similar to yours, to find out what others are paying for rent.

With market value appraisals, we explore three different approaches. Rental value surveys only require the income approach.

If you're ready to rent your property as a true asset, contact us to figure out the best value you can receive.