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When paying taxes on your commercial real estate property, the taxes are calculated based on an assessment of your property's value. Your county assessor provides the assessment of value for which your taxes are based. What goes unnoticed is that there are times that assessors are way off in their assessments, which can lead to large and unnecessary amounts of money paid in taxes. The types of properties that are most often affected by the county's assessments are owner-user and multi-tenant buildings and developments. These include multi-tenant apartments, industrial buildings, retail developments, office buildings or any other large-scale property.

Decker Associates has been successful in convincing county assessors to adjust their values. We provide them with accurate and objective valuations they can work with to recalculate a fair and equitable assessment of your commercial real estate.

It is critical to be objective here. We understand that property owners are frequently concerned that the local assessor is taking advantage of them. The reality is that county assessors don't have the opportunity to be on-site, to provide the most objectivity. The filters that assessors use are quite immense. Our filters are fine-tuned, factoring in location, quality of the building, construction and condition (property class filters), and appraising the property on what it actually is, as opposed to being lumped in with many other properties.

Plain and simple, we work with more accurate information to win your tax appeal case.

If you want to figure out if you should appeal your property's assessment and taxes, contact us now. We can walk you through the process, and figure out if an appeal will save you money.