Decker Associates


As an owner or developer, you may be required to figure the Highest and Best Use of your property. A market study helps determine those uses, whether its current use is best, or if there is an alternative use that better suites the property. We determine this through thorough analysis of the market from both macro and micro perspectives, including analysis factors in supply and demand issues for the property and surrounding area.

To quantify supply and demand in a market study, we look at how much product is being absorbed and the resulting vacancy. Diving deeper, we analyze demand based on demographic information, including job creation, population growth, income, as well as other local and national dynamics.

Our analysis extends into the history and the trends within history. Over what period of time are these trends measured? What are the market conditions today as compared to where they where 6 months or years ago? Is the market going up or down?

Decker Associates provides market studies for apartments, retail, industrial properties and single-family residential land to help developers and property owners alike, determine the Highest and Best Uses for a property. Our objective analysis, which is included in our market studies, helps you as a developer or owner, to assess whether or not to move into a specific area, to be able to justify to investors proposed next steps for your project, or potentially correct the course of your property's use. Because our analysis is objective, it's like having a smart, reliable recommendation written between the lines.

If you're looking to make the highest and best use for you property, and would like to discuss how you can get the data to support a profitable decision, contact us. We'll walk you through the process, and how a market study will have a positive, financial impact on your property.