Decker Associates


When there is a dispute between two parties, there is a possibility of litigation. Commercial real estate values may be in dispute as parties decide the rights to property ownership, and how much each will receive when the property is sold.

To make sure you receive a fair value for the property in question, it is paramount to have an accurate appraisal of the property.

Decker Associates works with government, corporate and private clients to support them through litigation. We provide both an appraisal report of the property, as well as expert testimony where it’s needed.

Certain litigation cases focus on condemnation, the process of confiscating a private property for a public use, which is permissible by eminent domain. A condemner, typically a governmental body, must provide the basis for which they can take a property in these cases. Condemnation suits include an offer to purchase, which will be based on an appraisal. We serve both condemnors and the condemnees in receiving a well-supported value for the property.

Other government cases, may determine appropriate taxes where the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is involved. An owner of a property, for example, may have overstated the rent in their filings with the government. The government, in this case, brings us in to value the rent on the property to compare to what they’ve indicated the rent should be.

Appraisals for corporate or personal litigation cases arise out of bankruptcy, divorce dissolution, partnership dissolution within companies, or a termination of partnership. These cases decide how much money is distributed to each party when the property is disposed of.

Having over 40 years of combined experience, we’ve seen a full range of appraisal needs, and we know how to get a point across in making your case.

If you’re ready to defend your stake in the value of a property interest, then call us to make sure you receive fair value.