Decker Associates


Protecting your commercial real estate assets is crucial to the operations of your business. An often forgotten consideration is making sure your insurance will adequately cover those assets in the case that you have to rebuild part or all of your property. Having an accurate, third-party insurance valuation is essential to covering your assets.

Decker Associates offers years of expertise in insurance valuation services. Although similar to market value appraisals, a Cost Approach is the only one used to provide an insurance valuation, which looks at what it would cost to rebuild your building or make improvements to your commercial real estate property. It answers the question, what is the insurable value?

In creating an accurate insurance valuation report, we resource manuals like the Marshall Valuation Service Manual, conduct local research, and source local contractors to assist in providing us accurate costs.

Another integral component to an insurance valuation is to make sure that it has been cost indexed. Your insurance policy needs to be updated and indexed to make sure you're covered according to today's costs for labor and materials. The costs we provide are indexed for time and location, factoring in the local, geographical issues. Labor and material costs in Colorado, for example, are quite different from those in Los Angeles or New York.

A detail that may be omitted is a contractors' profit line item. Profit line items vary, so we will contact contractors to better analyze what profit percentage is realistic. If you have a complex property, the contractor's costs are typically higher.

If you're ready to take the step to make sure your property is properly covered, contact us here.