Decker Associates


Western Aero

Property Type: Industrial             Size: 104,000 s.f.

Decker Associates was engaged to provide a valuation on this 104,000 square foot industrial warehouse that fabricates replacement parts for airplanes. With only 13% of the building allocated towards office space, the facility was primarily dedicated to fabrication.

Built in 1956, this building was expanded upon again in 1967, and because of its age, a cost approach did not have as much validity in our work. Instead, we utilized sales and income approaches, researching metro wide to find comparably sized facilities with similar sales and rents.

This facility had heavy power to operate the machinery to produce the airplane parts they supplied. The appraisal was needed so that the lender could create a new loan for the tenant that wanted to buy the building from the landlord.


Property Type: Industrial             Size: 42,000 s.f.

Decker Associates provided a valuation on a 42,000 square foot R&D facility constructed in 1975. It presented us a unique blend of uses, including 55% lab space, 35% office, and 10% warehouse.

The owner of the property wanted to sell his business and the real estate. Although we didn't provide a valuation on the business, he did use the real estate valuation to benchmark the price of the real estate and the business.

We weighed out how much lab, production and office area they had, and how it compared to the open market. The building appraised to be super adequate for the market.