Decker Associates


If you have a company and are trying to decide what to do with your commercial real estate, or where to move your company, a market study and valuation may be the best approach to support your corporate planning. When dealing with corporate planning, there are long-term, strategic goals in place, and real estate plays a part in those goals.

Our analysis and valuation will take into consideration the existing or potential site selection, which is based not only on costs of the real estate, but the costs for employees in the surrounding area. The process we take in a market value appraisal carries over in corporate planning, defining scope, interest, selecting approach, doing our research and conducting an inspection.

Our analysis looks at properties both from the standpoint of purchase, as well as which properties to retain.

Combined, the analysis and valuation clarify the best prospect in terms of growth potential. These are numbers you can confidently rely on in your corporate planning.

If you need strong, objective data that will support your goals in your corporate planning, contact us.