Decker Associates


Listed below is a sampling of Decker Associates clientele.

Bank of America

Decker Associates has been working with Bank of America for 15 years, providing high-quality appraisals. Our long-standing relationship with the bank has allowed us to provide over 75 reports.

Most of our work for Bank of America has been for veterinary clinics and medical offices. They range anywhere from average quality veterinary clinics with minimal finishes, to luxurious, high-end medical offices for GPs, plastic surgeons and dermatologists. One of the more recent appraisal projects we completed was for a medical office condominiums with up-scale finishes and design.

Like with many banks, the opportunity isn't built with the individuals that work at the bank, rather the entity or organization itself. The bank has high expectations for delivery of appraisals in tight timeframes, while still maintaining the quality of the reports that they demand to support their business. We have delivered on both, which is why they have kept us on their list of preferred vendors for 15 years.

Decker Associates has provided appraisals for Bank of America, from Ft. Collins down to Colorado Springs, and as far out west as Grand Junction.

Evangelical Christian Credit Union

The Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU) provides a large variety of loans on churches of any scale. Their portfolio includes small, retrofitted movie theaters, to new, out-of-the-ground, 100,000 square foot religious masterpieces.

We've been working with the ECCU for over 10 years, and it has been our performance and flexibility that allows us to continue working with them. Our partnership values open communication on both ends and the ability to quickly resolve issues that arise.

Although their regional office is based in Colorado Springs, our appraisal work for them has extended to remote areas like Cañon City and Grand Junction, as well as other Denver metro-based locations.

Key Bank

Key Bank has a broad portfolio of loans for real estate of all types including offices, warehouses, industrial buildings, retail centers, and even car washes. Decker Associates has provided a long list of valuation services for this diverse collection of Key Bank's real estate loans.

Over the last 20 years, Decker Associates has built a solid relationship based on open communication, as well as both parties taking an open-minded, collaborative approach to providing accurate, high-quality appraisals.

Our work for Key Bank has spanned from Ft. Collins down to Colorado Springs, and may take us further in the future.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente presents us with unique projects. They buy and retrofit buildings, converting them from general office or retail space, to medical office space. The variety of buildings, include upgrades to older medical offices and other historically preserved buildings to newer facilities. Their property selections are based on their location as they continue to expand. As they grow and move in Colorado, Decker Associates grows with them.

We have been working with Kaiser Permanente for over 15 years and our commitment has taken us from the northern stretch of Greeley, out to Brighton and back to Denver.

Bank of the West

Decker Associates has provided valuation services for a myriad of Bank of the West's real estate loans, including offices, shopping centers, mixed-use developments, industrial as well as a garden center.

Some of our work for Bank of the West has included revaluations. Exemplary of this was a historic, mixed-use building in LoDo.

It has been consistent, honest valuations (like the one mentioned), combined with responsiveness to their needs that have preserved our relationship with Bank of the West for over 10 years. Like many of our clients, we strive to build key relationships within the organizations.

Decker has provided market value appraisals for Bank of the West across the entire front range of Colorado.